Vip Speaker Bootcamp

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February 23th-24th 2013
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Secret Location in Kiev, Ukraine


Are you a Speaker who needs to make more cash NOW?

Do you need MORE Events to speak at?

Do your closing ratios suck lately?

All Speakers… If your closing ratios are falling like a rock, speaking in front of smaller, un-qualified crowds. And not getting enough speaking gigs. (Want more?) Then you MUST read this!!

WARNING!!  If you want to set yourself apart from the burnt out road warrior speaker and make a killing from live events, platform speaking, promoting seminars, high end coaching programs, and webinars… than this IS the most important message you’ll ever read.

Dear: Fellow Speaker,

Is it me or do you feel the same way?

Have you noticed any of these?

  • Your closing ratios are down

  • The attendance at events has dropped off dramatically

  • The people in attendance are tire kickers

  • You have the same “crowd” that you’ve spoke in front of for months or years & it’s not as effective as it used to be

  • You’re promised huge rooms & they are the “bat cave” empty when you get there

  • Burnt out on the travel?

  • Webinars aren’t well attended

  • Closing ratios on webinars are way down

  • Your offer is great, but you need more “pizzazz & polish” and most important… It’s not fun anymore!

  • It’s getting harder to close high ticket items

I was a franchisee of Anthony Robbins form 1989-1993 and was personally trained by him as was as noted great speakers Harv Eker and John Childers.

Over the years I have uncovered the “holy grail” to consistently maximizing dollars in mine & the promoter’s pockets from seminar rooms.

I also learned how to create buying frenzies from attendees in countless audiences that want more.

Do you create a “Rush” for YOUR Product or Service?

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE

- Sell more of YOUR products & Services

- Get more QUALITY Events to Speak at

- Get higher prices.

Become the “Ninja Monster” Speaker by mastering:

Selling from stage like a rock-star commands the stage

Command the Stage like a Rock-Star

(Watch your confidence explode) the stage

Getting over your fear NOW! (If you have fear) the stage

Increasing your close ratios, and never risk a lost sale.

Produce high-end coaching /mentoring programs and sell them like crazy.

Have People beg to be a part of ALL your programs.

(Even if you’re brand new)

Make them remember you more than any other speaker.

Outsell ALL other speakers at a multi-speaker event

If you’re serious about speaking…

You’ll walk over broken glass to be with us!!

If you apply what you learn, this event WILL change your Cash Flow and your Life.

I promise I will not hold back any of my secrets that I’ve learned over 20 years.

(This is a closed door event – It’s kind of like the TV Show “Secrets of Magic Revealed”)

You know that show where the masked Magician shows you how they did the magic tricks?

I’m like the “Masked Magician” that’ll show you “how it’s done” behind the scenes to squeeze every last drop of profit into your pockets.

Ever see this show?

(This is what EXACTLY we do… show you how it’s done behind the scenes)

You’ll smash sales records that you never did before!

Even experienced seasoned pros will pull you aside and ask you….”How did you do that?”

You’ll feel so confident that you will pee your pants in excitement getting ready to get up on stage

Knowing that you’ll…


Ask yourself these questions:

Can my closing ratios improve?

Am I leaving money on the table by not adapting to the crowd?

Do I REALLY need a script to close better?

Am I pulling all the leads I can from the event?

Am I wasting my time at some events?

Do I get jerked around by the promoter?
(puts me on a bad time slot or I’m pushed back in the day)

Do I have enough events to speak at?

How do I get on International Stages?

How to Speak on Stages all over the World

Did the promoter exaggerate the number of attendees expected just to get me there?

Should I have digital, physical or both types of products?

Is it better to sell a high priced or low priced product from stage?

What should I price my products at for a multi-speaker event?

How can I make more money faster?


Larry Loik
  The A-Z Millionaire Speaker System
Larry “LG” Loik has vast experience around money & finances, real estate investing, marketing & cutting edge internet marketing. LG was the largest franchisee of Anthony Robbins in the world.

He has run venture capital companies, owned mortgage companies and currently is the founder and president of The Real Estate Investor Network also known as The Reinclub.

He has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, and all the other top gurus in the nation.

He speaks 3 languages and is an avid outdoorsman. He grew up in Canada and as a result has a passion for the game of Hockey and even played with Wayne Gretzky.

Larry was the talented host of the syndicated CBS Radio show The New Money Show on KLSX Los Angeles, the largest FM talk radio station in the nation.
How to Close Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in 90 Minutes
How to Get on the biggest stages worldwide
How to Create the best product for the right audience
How to CLOSE "naturally" with your own style
Build your Media Kit
How to get Great Testimonials
How to Create your own "Pitch" DVD
Get a Guaranteed Speaking Spot at our Upcoming Events
Much More…

Is that all?…
Heck no!

February 23th-24th 2013
Join Now! Get Your Tickets Today!

Secret Location in Kiev, Ukraine



How to feel comfortable in your skin and use your own personality to make a persuasive presentation

Why “scripted” presentations don’t work and the lies about them.

Why you should prepare at the last minute…
(Yes controversial to what you’ve been told)

What you wear & how it effects dollars in your bank account

Stay after the event & watch the sales roll in (even after you spoke on stage)

Why some NLP hurts you and how the audience can tell you’re trying to manipulate them

Be Transparent and watch what happens. It will blow your mind.
(They will knock over tables to get to the back of the room)

Hate Your Voice? NO problem, this technique will give your voice power & authority.

How to pick out the doers vs. strokers out of the audience

Why you should never ever have a Question & Answer Session during your presentation.

The Kiss of “death”

How to turn every presentation into a product and make income monthly.

How to control a heckler

Why you should emcee & speak at your own events

How to get testimonials from attendees
(even if it’s not your own event)

Why give-aways work

How to build your database list at every event

How to sell to women (why they’re more important than men)

Whats the best speaking slot to speak in for maximum profits

When to turn down an event

How to get a “hired gun” to sell for you

How to minimize returns

What your order form MUST ALWAYS have in it to protect you

What you MUST NEVER have in your order forms to avoid chargebacks

How to get the Promoter to pay for your hotel

How to get the promoter to pay for your airfare

Groupies, what is their motivation

How to work the sales table during your close

How to train the sales team to maximize your closed deals during your close

How to interact with the crowd

Comedy-When and how to use it

Why poking fun at yourself makes them reach for their wallets

Should you do a demonstration of
your program from the stage or not?

The answer will shock you!

What? Don’t show “it”

Arrive early & out close all other speakers

Should you take multi-payments? If so, when is it too much?

Photos, your secret marketing weapon, how to get everyone begging to take a photo with you.

How to get your photos put everywhere online with your website (viral marketing)

Getting the hotel staff to help you “get the edge”
(No one knows this trick)

Get the Hotel staff to do many

Secret marketing tips to get you known before you hit the stage

How to keep selling after the event is over

Videos-How to get a professionally done intro video. No more amateurish intros by bungling promoters

How to command respect & credibility BEFORE  you step p onstage, so they buy like crazy

Why you should never drink alcohol after the event

Why VIP networking parties get you more sales & why you SHOULD attend them.

Why its worth to bring your own sales team to an event and make a lot more money

How to make your sales team work for FREE

Why the question askers are time-wasters

How to have your audience make snap decision & not waffle on buying your stuff

Should you pull volunteers out of the audience during your presentation?

When less is more

How to avoid the dreaded umms & aaahs while you speak

How to create urgency on the spot

Speaker panels-Good or bad? Should you sit on one?

Why you should always use your own order forms

Other speaker trainers are teaching you “old school” techniques that don’t work anymore, why you should avoid those techniques.

Are YOU still using the same “Old School”
Techniques that don’t work anymore?

How to close with shortened time (less than 90 or even 60 minutes and close MORE)

Whats the deal?

I’ve decided to keep the room small so I can PERSONALLY work with you one on one as much as possible.

We will be doing a live video taping and pulling some speakers out of the crowd to do a live demonstration and put them on a hot seat and pull apart their presentation

And build it back up for them.

Will you be one of the “Chosen Ones”?

How much?… You ask
It’s a no brainer. Here’s why!

I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING that I’ve learned from Anthony Robbins, Harv Eker, John Childers & other great speakers.

If you’re serious about your speaking or info-marketing career, it’s a simple decision.

Deal or No Deal!

(You ONLY have 2 Choices)

Option A - Do it your way & keep shaking your head that you’ll never do “that” again.

Option B - Make so much money that promoters are melting your cell phone calling you begging you to speak at their event because they have heard through “the grapevine” that you CRUSH IT at every event.

No one will give you this much information
that works in all cultures across the world.

Other trainers only know their niche
(a one trick pony).

I’ve done everything from MLM,
real estate internet
marketing & entrepreneurial presentations.

You’re either in or out…

This alone is worth 10x the price of admission!!

You don’t want to miss this Session


How to Fill seats with qualified buyers; get corporate sponsors to pay for your event before you even open your doors & much more…


Your next event with ZERO COST to you!

How you can have you next event for FREE in a Tropical Paradise and get paid to hold it there.

February 23th-24th 2013
Join Now! Get Your Tickets Today!

Secret Location in Kiev, Ukraine


No BS Guarantee: If after the first day before lunch you don’t feel it was worth every dime, see a staff member & merely turn in your notes to get a No questions asked, No BS refund on your tuition


Questions? Email info[@] Or (818) 889-6006 ext 103

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